Business Developer / Sales Manager

Company: konzortia Capital
Job type: Full-time
Salary: TWD 600,000 / Month
Industry: Finance

This is a Private Placement that has been filled with the SEC. This is not any Private Placement but the next Unicorn´s 1st round of financing. If you don´t know what that means, think about it as when Google, Amazon or Apple where a Startup.
The business developer plays a determining role in the raising capital activities of the company and is remunerated with commissions based on the monthly amounts raised. The business developer can bring investors into the company, but the main function will be to create and manage sales teams, those inclusive of call centers, sales rooms and independent sales people, all of which will be recruited by you and work under your direction.
You will be paid on the monthly basis based upon the amount of monies raised by all your teams, which means that even though some of your teams might not be raising a lot individually, compounding their monthly results you will be able to reach higher percentage brackets.
If you have the necessary expertise and know-how to find alternatives to raising capital, experience managing sales campaigns in the financial indutry, and if you have the POWER to build and manage a successful team thal will ultimately bring investors, this is an opportunity for you.
We are offering a great commission override for all the people you will manage!
This means, you will be in-charge of managing the funding campaign for private placement, you will contact brokers, venture capital firms, finders, independent sales personnel and even call centers, you’ll recruit them and manage their performance, lastly, you will receive a commission payment based on the monthly investment amount all investors decide to allocate into our project.
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